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The TurnCare Patient Management Solution

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The TurnCare solution's foundation is the Guardian system which is a non-invasive, multi-patient use, therapeutic patient support system that deploys unique, patented Vasotactic™ technology to prevent blood flow impairment by avoiding vascular compression in the sacral region.

By preventing circulatory and pulmonary health breakdown, the Guardian System gives clinicians more care plan options and flexibility for their patients while reducing adverse events and improving throughput.

Additionally, TurnCare provides software and services to ensure that hospitals can achieve compliant usage and manage goals.

Guardian Overview

Guardian Overview

Guardian uses unique Vasotactic™ technology to support patients for long periods in all positions without compressing sacral region blood vessels, thereby avoiding circulatory and pulmonary breakdown

Guardian System 

Multi-patient use system for the bed and chair


High-Precision Pressure Controller


Bed Enhancer


Seat Enhancer

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Enable Care Plan Flexibility 

Safely choose the best patient position for the plan of care: supine, upright, seated, or prone

  • Facilitate ventilator weaning 

  • Facilitate pulmonary health with no head of bed-restriction

  • Promote early mobilization

Services & Support

Software & Services

Comprehensive software and services to manage and optimize TurnCare program


Local support and workflow optimization

Remote monitoring and proactive assistance

Dynamic inventory management

Data Portal to ensure compliant Guardian usage
Set and manage performance goals
Understand care trajectory of patients

Benefits & Features

Unique therapy with clinician-designed features to maximize patient care flexibility
Benefits & Features

Clinician-Centric Usability


WIFI connectivity enables automated remote management services

Quiet therapy operation minimizes extraneous environmental stimuli to the patient

Visual alerts and status lighting to indicate critical therapy interruptions

Built-in attachment to connect to footboards, siderails, and IV poles

Compatible with existing fall prevention and turning & positioning systems

Cleanable with standard hospital disinfectants for multi-patient use

Instructional graphics to guide surface application and patient positioning

Non-slip backing to maintain proper enhancer position

Supports patients up to 550 lbs

Latex free and radiolucent surface

Hygienic Active Air Exchange

A new approach to microclimate management 
  • Exchanges air continuously across the sacral region

  • Provides cooling effect to avoid excess moisture

  • Maintains airflow without porous material

How to use the Guardian System

Guardian How to Videos

Guardian How to Videos

Guardian How to Videos
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TurnCare Guardian Nursing Training Video

TurnCare Guardian Nursing Training Video

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TurnCare Guardian Seat Set up Video

TurnCare Guardian Seat Set up Video

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TurnCare Guardian EVS Training

TurnCare Guardian EVS Training

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Here's what nurses are saying.

"Patients are comfortable. No breakdown seen! Love it. It is super user-friendly." - Melissa B.

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