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Repurpose N95 Masks with UV Light and Hydrogen Peroxide

As we are faced with insurmountable needs for PPE, we must think outside of the box. UV light has been used in healthcare to decontaminate and also tested against very virulent bacteria and viruses such as MRSA and H1N1. Hospitals are now using UV light towers to decontaminate individual staff N95 masks so they can be re-used. 

Another method of decontamination known as Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporization has been well studied and in active use at several institutions. Duke University is leading the way and Yale-New Haven Health is just beginning. Share the information and protocols at your hospitals with your COVID-19 Command Teams.

Let us know if you are doing this already and how the process is going for you, share what steps your organization is doing. Have you tried using UV Light or Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization for PPE at your health system? What is working for you to conserve N95 masks?


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