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A vision to transform critical care

Dr. Rafael Squitieri, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT, was inspired to transform Critical Care. His inspiration was based on an unforgettable experience with a young patient who underwent successful open-heart surgery but suffered afterward due to complications from a sacral pressure injury.

Determined to find a solution for this very common challenge that occurs despite clinicians' best manual efforts and use of the latest therapeutic equipment, Dr. Squitieri set out to devise a system that focuses on preventing blood flow impairment to address the true, underlying problem causing hospital-acquired pressure injuries. 

In 2011, Dr. Squitieri teamed up with Kim Orumchian, serial entrepreneur and technology expert, to found TurnCare with a vision of creating innovative solutions to protect the most complex critical care patients. Out of their combined vision, they created the Guardian System, which is uniquely designed to prevent sacral region blood flow impairment, providing greater flexibility for clinicians.

To date, Dr. Squitieri has helped thousands of patients using this radically different approach; meanwhile improving patient management for bedside clinicians.

The TurnCare Mission

Protect the unstable ventilated patient 

The TurnCare Team

Dr. Rafael Squitieri
Co-founder & CTO

Linda Seaman
Clinical Director

Robert Deutsch
Director of Hardware Engineering

Kim Orumchian
Co-founder & CEO

Carol Juhl
Director of Operations

Erica Kelly
Clinical Manager

Product Marketing Coordinator

Steven B. Frazier
Director of Manufacturing

Robert Loiacono
Engineering Manager

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Katherine Squitieri
Sales Manager


Haley Clarkson
Customer Success Specialist

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