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Tips for Proning COVID-19 Patients

Proning patients with ARDS is a frontline therapy, being used now more than ever with ventilated COVID-19 patients. To see the best effects of proning, It should be initiated early. Kathleen Vollman and Sharon Dickinson give a rundown on the "who to" and "who not to" prone and the process to get there. My colleagues are utilizing a proning team, made up of respiratory therapy, an RN, and physical therapists. They are responsible for proning all ventilated patients, aiming for a minimum of 12 hours, and a maximum of 16 hours. Patients' oxygen and ventilation is markedly improved coupled with ventilated strategies while in the prone position. Remember to have your non-invasively ventilated patients assume the prone position and side-lying positions as well to aid in alveolar recruitment and improve oxygenation.  

What are your units doing to prone patients and on which patient populations? Comment below.


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