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How do I put the enhancer on the bed?

1. Position the patient in side-lying position. If possible, it is easier to position the patient to his/her right side initially, away from the enhancer's integrated connector tubing.
2. Remove the fitted sheet from one or both corners of the mattress.
3. Roll one half of the enhancer and place it on the middle section of the bed, as if applying an incontinence pad. The equipment should be applied directly on top of the mattress and below the fitted sheet. The center target and blue arrows should align with the mattress bend zone and be centered horizontally.
4. Position the patient to the opposite side and pull the excess enhancer through so that it lays flat against the mattress.

Are the enhancers reusable?

Yes, the enhancers are designed for multi-patient use. Both sides can be cleaned just as a mattress is and reused. However, if an enhancer becomes too soiled to thoroughly clean at any time, please discard according to facility policy and procedure and replace with a new enhancer.

How do I position my patient on the enhancer?

Correct patient alignment is with the sacrum centered both horizontally and vertically on the enhancer. Use the enhancer markings to assist with positioning your patient. The enhancer is marked with a white target to indicate the center of the enhancer. The blue arrows on the side pillows point to the center target. The patient’s sacrum should align with the center target. The bed enhancer's side pillows are intended to promote correct patient alignment. The patient should fit comfortably between the side pillows, with his/her elbows resting in the groove of the side pillows, and lateral trunk gently touching the side pillows, if at all. Depending on body habitus and/or patient preference, it may be necessary to deflate the side pillows by pressing the Deflate Side Pillow button. Although this is not ideal to assist with optimal positioning, it will not interfere with the functionality.

What is the easiest method for deflating the side pillows?

To deflate the side pillows, press the Deflate Side Pillows button on the touch screen. A portion of the air in the side pillows will initially release over the next 15 seconds. To facilitate removal of any remaining air in the side pillows, moderate pressure may be applied with both hands.

What do I do when the controller alarms?

It depends on the type of alert. Patient weight not entered:
The alert will consist of an auditory chime, red status lights, and a red banner message across the top of the enter patient weight screen. The only way to dismiss this alarm is to select the patient weight. This alarm will activate if the patient data is not entered within 5 minutes after the screen appears. Therapy will automatically start with a default patient weight selection at this time; however, it is vital to select the correct patient weight in order for the patient to receive the appropriate therapy.
Conditions that interrupt therapy: The alert will consist of an auditory chime, red status lights, and a red alert screen. The alert screen will display the detected condition. Respond to each alert as follows:

  • Place patient properly on the enhancer: check to ensure that the patient is positioned correctly on the enhancer, with his/her sacrum centered on the sacral target
  • Leak detected: replace the enhancer and return it to TurnCare
  • Pinched tubing: check for pinched tubing, starting from the enhancer and proceeding to the controller
Battery alerts: The alert will consist of an auditory chime, red status lights, and a red alert screen, for the following battery conditions:
  • Low battery: plug the controller into AC power as soon as possible
  • Battery depleted / terminal battery shutdown: plug the controller into AC power immediately to avoid interruption in therapy
Service required: When the Guardian 2 System detects an internal condition that requires servicing, it will alert the user with an auditory chime, red status lights, and a red alert screen. The controller must be immediately replaced and returned to TurnCare. Pressing Continue on this alert will stop therapy and put the controller to sleep. An alert may be muted while the user assesses for source of malfunction by pressing Mute. The auditory alert will automatically unmute after ten minutes. If a problem is detected, fix the problem. Once the issue is resolved, or if an issue is not detected, press Continue to dismiss the alert. If the alert persists or re-activates after the issue is resolved, or if the alert persists or re-activates with no apparent sign of malfunction, contact TurnCare for assistance with troubleshooting.

Do I still need to turn my patient who is using the Guardian System?

Yes. While the TurnCare Guardian System has been effective for certain patients who are too unstable to turn, it has not yet been studied in a large-scale clinical trial to investigate its effectiveness with less frequent repositioning. The TurnCare Guardian System is recommended as a therapy in addition to the standard of care, including Q2 repositioning, and not as a replacement to the standard of care.

Will I be able to perform CPR on my patient who is using the Guardian System?

Yes, CPR can be safely performed while the Guardian System is set up on the patient bed. It is recommended that the side pillows be deflated. Press the Deflate Side Pillow button and apply pressure to the side pillows to facilitate deflation. The controller can be paused and the tubing can be disconnected from the controller to deflate the middle portion of the enhancer if preffered, however it is not necessary. A CPR board can be placed on top of the of the enhancer.

How do I transfer my patient out of bed with the Guardian System?

1. Before transferring a patient in or out of bed, the side pillows must be fully deflated for patient and staff safety.
2. Press pause to temporarily stop therapy.
3. Moderate pressure may be applied with both hands to the side pillows to facilitate deflation.
4. Transfer the patient safely according to facility protocol.
5. If the patient is being transferred to the chair or recliner, be sure to reconnect the connector to the seat enhancer.

How do I transfer my patient to and from the stretcher with the Guardian System?

1. On the clinical screen, press pause and disconnect both the main tube and side pillow tube from the enhancer.
2. Allow the side pillows to fully deflate. Press on the side pillows to facilitate deflation. It is important to ensure that all excess air is removed from the side pillows, in order to reduce resistance and facilitate the transfer. If it is not possible to remove excess air from the side pillows, it is recommended that the enhancer be removed from the bed when the transfer assist device is placed.
3. Place the transfer assist device beneath the patient according to facility policy and procedure.
4. Transfer the patient to the stretcher according to facility policy and procedure.
5. To perform the transfer from the stretcher to the bed, follow the above instructions, making sure that the enhancer is completely deflated prior to transfer.

Does the enhancer have a weight limit?

Yes. The Guardian System is not for use with patients exceeding 550 pounds or 249 kilograms.

How is the Guardian System cleaned?

Standard bed mattress cleaner is safe to use to clean the enhancer and the connector. It is also safe to use hospital-approved disinfectants.

How often should my patient be using the Guardian System?

If the patient is identified as a candidate for the Guardian System, he/she should use the Guardian System at all times unless it is interfering with safety or unless the patient develops a contraindication. The Guardian System should be used both in the bed and in the hospital chair or wheelchair. It is recommended that the Guardian System be sent with the patient to off-unit procedures longer than 2 hours (excluding MRI). For surgical procedures, appropriateness of use will depend on procedure specifics and patient positioning. Always consult with the surgeon for approval.

Is the enhancer surface reversible?

No, the enhancer surface is not reversible. The enhancer should be applied with the non-slip backing against the underlying surface.

Should the enhancer surface be covered with a sheet?

Yes, the enhancer surface should be covered by a sheet while in patient use.

What is the recommendation for sheet and incontinence pad usage with the enhancer?

The recommendation for sheet and incontinence pad usage is to utilize the least possible layers between the enhancer surface and the patient.

Is the enhancer latex free?

Yes, the enhancer surface is latex free.


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