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Pre-Proning Checklist

Pre-Proning Preparation for the Mechanically-Ventilated Patient:

  • Gather necessary equipment according to Proning Checklist

  • Verify ETT is well secured

  • Optimize ventilator settings and pre-oxygenate patient: place patient on 100% oxygen

  • Suction ETT and oral cavity

  • Remove and cap unnecessary lines and tubes

  • Provide necessary physical care, including wound care and dressing changes

  • Ensure patient is well sedated (using RASS score), including neuromuscular blockade (using TOF) as appropriate

  • Have emergency airway cart accessible, including having appropriately sized ETT immediately available

  • Prone ventilation is recommended 12-16 hours daily.

Utilize the Organizational Proning Checklist here:

Is your critical care team utilizing a Pre-Proning strategy before turning patients? Are you meeting as a group to discuss individual roles to make your process efficient? Comment below what system is working for your team.


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