The Gen 2 TurnCare Guardian System

The same trusted therapy, now packaged for even easier clinical use.

Three unique features enable

our one-of-a-kind technology.


therapy algorithm



Adaptive pressure

control capabilities



Anatomically-specific surface geometry






Here's how it works

High-precision, computerized Controller

combines a complex, proprietary, non-repeating therapy algorithm and real-time adaptive pressure control capabilities


inflatable Enhancer

includes a patented, three-chamber surface geometry designed specifically for sacral-region bony prominences

Anatomy-aware pressure gradient therapy

avoids intense, prolonged, or repetitive pressure in vulnerable areas to prevent vascular compromise

Adaptive pressure control capabilities

enables weight specific therapy that automatically adjusts to movement from the patient or underlying surface

Hygienic active air


a new approach to microclimate management enabled by the simultaneous inflation and deflation of anatomically-specific air chambers

Exchanges air continuously across the entire sacral region

Provides a cooling effect to avoid excess skin moisture

Hygienically maintains airflow without the use of porous material

Real-life results

avoid ischemia / reperfusion injury and subsequent local and systemic health complications

Improve pressure injury prevention

81% reduction in sacral-region pressure injury incidence with high-risk, acute care inpatients

Promote pressure injury healing

60% less time to fully heal Stage 2 sacral-region pressure injuries in four community-based long-term care facilities

Accelerate recovery

57% length of stay reduction for mobility-impaired, acute care inpatients with ischemic stroke and acute kidney injury


The new Gen 2 Guardian features make the system even easier to manage in fast-paced care settings.

  • Streamlined, portable design for bed & IV pole

  • Quiet operation with system status lighting

  • Therapy interruption alerts to ensure efficacy

  • Remote billing & usage monitoring capabilities

  • Battery operation to enable off-unit therapy

  • Versatile compatibility with existing surfaces


Seamless Clinical Integration

Patient selection algorithm development assistance

Automated daily algorithm screening report

Self-paced training accessed through controllers

Compatible with existing hospital surfaces & fall prevention systems

Remote billing & system usage monitoring

Multi-patient-use surfaces cleaned with standard hospital disinfectants

Prevent and treat pressure injuries in all types of ventilated patients


Promote early patient mobilization

Protect during off-unit procedures

Facilitate ventilator weaning & pulmonary toilet

Protect in supine, upright, seated, and prone positions


Critical Care Solution


Provide effective pressure injury therapy, without the limitations of air-fluidized beds.

Provide immediate therapy

Rental model allows on-unit storage and reduced time to initiate therapy.

Protect during procedures

Fully portable across existing hospital surfaces.

Reduce caregiver injury

Applies easily with patient in bed and does not inhibit manual repositioning or mobilization.

Mobilize earlier, more often, and longer

Applies to seats and has no head-of-bed height restriction, facilitating mobilization.

Pay less for more

Daily patient-use fee up to one third the cost of air-fluidized beds.


The patient's Guardian, everywhere in the hospital

Patients don't just stay in bed. Neither should their therapy.


Cleaned with standard hospital disinfectants


Compatible with fall prevention systems

Tailored for existing hospital surfaces

The core system

compatible with various seats & chairs

angled tube design for patient safety


Accessory enhancers


unique geometry 

rear tube design for patient safety

Procedure table

requires no change to layering practices

compatible with various procedure tables

applies beneath bed linens

compatible with Bariatric beds



Protect high-risk patients in upright and seated positions.

Freely elevate the head-of-bed to upright 

Dynamically adjusts to changes in bed position and weight distribution.

Transfer out of bed earlier, more often, and longer

Effective pressure injury mitigation and pain management from the bed to the chair.

Protect all the way to rehab

Applies to all seating surfaces, including wheelcairs.

Here's what nurses are saying.

"Patients are comfortable. No breakdown seen! Love it. It is super user-friendly." - Melissa B.

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